Assignment 3 – Shooting – Day 2

Day two in Sheffield was not as successful as day one. It was cold… again… but this time I was feeling somewhat ill too. I only spent around 2 1/2 hours walking around with my camera, using the phone app, as mentioned in my previous post, to take shots without people being aware of what I was doing. (A quick note: Day One, the camera was in Shutter Priority, 1/50 sec. Today it was in Program mode, and I let it do it’s own thing.)

What I found was that you really have to be in the right frame of mind to get the best images, and I didn’t ‘have my photographer’s head on’.

So, after 200 shots taken, I came away with 7 images that I liked, and only two that I’ll likely include in my selection.

I’ll share four of the five rejects here, but I’m holding one back, as it feels a little too intrusive to me. The whole process of street photography feels a little voyeuristic to me… and while I love the results, I do find myself a little uncomfortable posting images of people, taken without permission or knowledge. It’s legal… but… in some cases, I think better not to.

Image #1


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This one’s just… nice. It made me smile. There was another moment later on, after I’d put my camera away (the battery was flat and I was too cold to bother putting another in)… I followed a couple in their 70s up the hill. They were holding hands. At the top of the hill, they stopped and kissed, before going separate ways. It was the sweetest thing, and I really wished I’d bothered to put a fresh battery in my camera.

This one still doesn’t make the selection though, for while I like it, I don’t feel the overall composition is that strong, or the moment that decisive. It’s ‘nice’, but nice won’t cut it here.


Image #2


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Certainly a decisive moment, and quite a dramatic looking one. Not included in my selection, as I’m concentrating on people, so it doesn’t really fit.


Image #3


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Something about the (broken) flow of the lines, the contrasting shades, and the juxtaposition of the hole and the bag. And the rust. I like rust.

Not a decisive moment. Just a pleasing image.


Image #4


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Not a decisive moment. Not even an indecisive moment. It’s just a view that I find really pleasing. There’s a shot I’ve been wanting to take, for years. It’s about 20 feet from where I stood to take this photo. I’ve seen the perfect angle for the shot, many times. The problem is, you’d have to stand in the centre lane of a very busy roundabout to get it. That’s not going to happen. Shame, coz it’d be a brilliant shot.


Next trip will be Friday. It’s supposed to snow. I hope so. While I hate the actual experience of shooting in the cold, I love the results… and snow could really add something extra.