Assignment 4 – More Images

Having found myself uninspired and utterly demotivated when shooting around town, I elected to take some more shots at home.

While my previous home based shots were a mix of the ‘artificial light’ and ‘studio light’ exercises, I decided to try something similar, but to take them outside, into the garage and garden, as these offer some interesting views and subject matter.

I find I really like this kind of work… not exactly arranging the scene, though perhaps adjusting the occasional object… but managing the light for maximum effect.


Image #1


I’ve shot these kaftans hanging on a line before, and they always seem to have this sharp/blurred effect on the patter… or maybe it’s my eyes. It just interests me. This won’t make the cut, I just felt like sharing it.


Now I get to the tricky stuff. Three sets of images, and I need to pick one of each. It’s not easy.


Image #2



This is a very striking image, and I like it a lot. However, with the light source actually visible in the frame, it breaks with the method used in the rest of the set, so probably won’t make the cut.


Image #3


It has less impact like this, but is probably the image I will opt for, to keep a consistent lighting method throughout the set.


Image #4


I like the light on the chair, though it’s a bit too strong on the tree stump, and the leaves are too vibrant, standing out where I want them to be less of a feature.


Image #5


I like the area under the chair, and the way the vase is lit, but overall, it’s rather flat and lifeless.


Image #6


I like the way the light shines through the vase, and the overall effect is quite dramatic, but it’s also obviously staged, while lacking any purpose. The desk and chair (Image #3) is also a clearly staged scene, but it asks questions, and has a certain dreamlike quality. This is just a chair with a light behind it.


Image #7


I like the light on the back of the chair, and the blurred green leaves in the foreground, obscuring part of the view (my wife doesn’t like this)… but I don’t care for the white light on the legs and vase. Overall, I guess it’s a bit messy and ill defined.


Image #8


Two light sources. One tungsten(ish) and one purple. I’m unsure about this.

Actually, I’m unsure about the whole set. I may not select any of these chair ones in the end.


Image #9


The blue hour, viewed from my garage. This works better with a landscape orientation, but I have to keep it as portrait, to fit with the rest of the set.


Image #10


Bringing the clutter and ‘stuff’ on the sideboard more into view. The image isn’t about the car, or the house, it’s about looking at what’s outside, from the inside (and the qualities of light in the different areas) … so I wanted to show more of the inside.


Image #11


A slight adjustment of the camera angle. There’s not much in it.


The thing with taking all of these outdoor shots, and I’ve found this whenever I take night shots in particularly low light; it’s really hard to frame the images correctly, and even harder to focus. For the most part, I couldn’t see anything at all either in the viewfinder, or on the screen.

Sometimes this can be fixed by shining a torch at the subject while composing the shot, but this isn’t always an option.