Chloe Dew Mathews

I’m enjoying the work of Chloe Dew Mathews, particularly her ‘Shot at Dawn’ series.

There’s something very familiar and comfortable about these images. I look at them, and recognise the world I see myself when I go for random walks at ‘stupid o’clock’ in the morning.

I find it interesting how some images are clearly framed and composed, while others are what I can only describe as ‘what you’d see if you turned around and looked that way, at that moment’.

To my untrained eye, they represent the world as it is, without interpretation by the photographer. So you get the feel of the place, and the time… and I imagine this makes the photographer feel a certain way, but she don’t project her feelings into the image.

Like… ‘This is what’s here. Make of it what you will.’

Upon reading the preceding text, which explains what the images are all about, I find there is far more to this set than I had first realised. ‘Shot at Dawn’ having both figurative and literal interpretations.

Note to self: Don’t just look… read!