In an unprecedented move,  I’m thinking about what I shall do for assignment 2 before I actually go out and start shooting!

By nature, I’m an opportunist photographer. I go to a pre-decided location with my camera, look around, and if I see a scene that I like, I take photos. That’s it. That’s what I’ve always done, and there’s never been any more thought put into it than that.

Currently, things have not changed… much. Just a little.

What I have right now is a (relatively) clearly defined objective.



Create a series of between six and ten photographs from one of the following options, or a subject of your own choosing:

  • Crowds
  • Views
  • Heads

Okay then….

Crowds? Nope. I don’t like ‘people’ in general, and the last time I was in a public place with a camera, a chap came up to me and very sternly demanded that if I had taken any photos with him in them, that I delete them there and then, while he watched. I complied without question, obviously, but found the experience unsettling.

Views? Maybe. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

Heads? File under ‘people’.

Coming back to ‘Views’ after the aforementioned moment. My wife is on Christmas holiday from work, which is nice. For her work, she travels a lot by car, and happens to pass through some beautiful locations. She often remarks that I would probably love some of the places she has seen, and would no doubt have my camera out at most of them. So… given that she has some free time, she’s going to drive us to a few of these locations, so I can see what she has seen…. and take photos.

This is probably a bit (no… it’s a lot) hit or miss. ‘Views’ is a vague subject, and while it’s one I’m very comfortable shooting, the potential for different types of location, not to mention weather, may cause difficulties when it comes to creating a coherent and unified ‘collection’ of images.

We’ll visit the places, I shall take the shots, and we’ll see how they come out… but with having a coherent set in mind, I have a Plan B.

Plan B comes under “or a subject of your own choosing”.

I like architecture. I like old things. What kind of old architecture could fall into a well defined category that could form a coherent set of images, while being numerous enough to find easily?


Castles would be cooler, but they’re not so numerous,  and can involve significant travel and entry costs. My budget is minimal to non-existent, so… churches it is.

The trick here is actually to keep the number of shots down. It would be very easy to find six to ten churches and include one photograph of each, but that would be very predictable, and potentially quite dull.

What I would really like to do is go back to the village on the Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire border where I grew up, and photograph several of the churches in that area, as they hold real nostalgia for me. (I didn’t attend them… I’m not remotely religious… I just like the buildings). Sadly, time and funds preclude this.

I had the idea of taking night shots of churches, as I really like low light photography (though I may actually not be very good at it)… and this would certainly solve the issue of inconsistent weather / lighting.

I also like the idea of visiting around 3 different churches, taking a wide exterior shot with deep depth of field, a tighter, detail shot (gravestones?) with shallow depth of field, and if at all possible, an interior shot (sunlight flooding through stained glass can look incredible).

I shall keep all of those ideas in mind, visit various local churches at various hours, and find out what’s possible. Should be interesting.