Assignment 5: Photography Is Simple

While the title of this assignment is ‘Photography Is Simple’, the title of this series of photos is Legacy.

Having reached a certain age, I’ve seen friends and family pass away and I’ve seen new family coming into the world.

In watching this process, I’ve pondered life, its shortness, and why we even go through it, knowing we’re going to die anyway. For many, their purpose is fulfilled by bringing more life into the world… by having children. They have a genetic legacy.

For me, the idea of parenthood has always been objectionable, so this has left me with something of a hole in my existence. I’m not going to further the species, so what am I going to do? When I’m dead, what’s going to be left on this planet to say I was ever here?

I’ve often been struck by the permanence of some man-made constructions. You can look at them, and know someone did that. Maybe many people. Sometimes you know who, sometimes you don’t. But there’s this object that says ‘someone was here’.

Some of the greatest such structures are the Norman churches and cathedrals that scatter our land, and one such church happens to be situated in the town where I live.

The Priory Church, Worksop, was initially founded in 1103, with developments and extensions continuing through into the 20th Century. When I look at this building, especially when viewed from the adjoining graveyard, I get a very strong feeling of the people who existed here over the centuries, who built this place, who worshipped here, and are buried here.

Now, I’m not going to build churches, but I can take photos, and in one form or another, I’d like them to say “I was here.”

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Note to my tutor: I will be submitting my work for formal assessment, so am looking for feedback with this in mind. I prefer feedback in written form, as opposed to live video chat.




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