Assignment 5: Photography Is Simple

“What is it about?”

In short… legacy.

Life is short, and I’ve watched family and friends pass away, while new ones have come into the world.

I have no children, and intend never to have any. However, this leaves me with something of a hole in my existence. I have no genetic legacy. When I die, what will be left on this Earth to say I ever existed?

It has struck me that physical objects can act as a legacy. When you or I see a thing, created by a person, we may not know who that person was, just as I don’t know who my ancestors were, but we know they existed.

Some of the oldest man-made physical structures in this country are the many Norman churches and cathedrals. The religious aspect of them is of no interest to me, but the fact that they have stood through many centuries.

The Priory Church, Worksop, was initially founded in 1103, with developments and extensions continuing through into the 20th Century. When I look at this building, especially when viewed from the adjoining graveyard, I get a feeling of the people who existed here over the centuries, who built this place, and are buried here.  It’s possible to know some of their names, though this is not in itself important to this project.

It’s the physical marker that states “someone was here” that interests me.

These images are black and white, because what is more black and white than the fact that death follows life?

I have captured motion blur, where I can, to represent the passage of time. Time touches some things more than others.

Clearly, I will not build churches, but I hope that some of my photos may survive me, to say “someone was here”.

(Word Count: 301)

This is a reworking of my original assignment following tutor feedback. My tutor suggested I reshoot the whole assignment, but I felt he had misunderstood the concept I was trying to represent, as he was focusing on the (irrelevant) religious aspect of the setting. I have rewritten my explanation, while leaving the images unchanged.

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Study Log for Expressing Your Vision module, for BA (Hons) Photography Degree with OCA

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