Assignment 4 – First shoot

For this assignment, I’m concentrating on artificial light.

I found myself loving the work of Rut Blees Luxemburg, and while I can’t mimic the concept behind her work, depicting the intended changes to a city, and it’s depiction, through corporate art, set in an urban location… I can at least try to emulate her use of light, to some degree. The golden effect of sodium street lighting is in plentiful supply around here, if not the more colourful neon advertising signs.

So my plan is to go out late at night, looking for interesting and gritty locations, where the detail is accentuated by the street lighting. Extremes of light and shade are always of interest to me.


I have been ill for the past 3 weeks with what appears to be a virus, and have been largely housebound.

That being the case, rather than leave everything on hold, I combined the work I did in exercises 4.3 and 4.4, to produce a series of indoor shots, where I had controlled the light to produces some very pleasing images.

I placed the battery powered bulb I used previously into 3 coloured carrier bags (one yellow, one green, one blue) all at the same time, and found this produced a very pleasing quality of light. I then placed this within darkened rooms, having already selected subjects of interest and focused my camera on them.

On turning out the lights, I moved the bulb around until the light on my chosen subject achieved an interesting effect or feel.

These are, in my opinion, the most interesting images I achieved. ( My wife is horrified that I’m sharing them, but does see the visual interest)

Image #1



Image #2



Image #3



Image #4



Image #5



Image #6



Image #7



Image #8



Image #9



Image #10



Image #11



All of these images are, to me, interesting, not only in the representation of the quality and effect of artificial light, but in the sometimes unusual nature of the subject matter being shown.

They show the sometimes random, jumbled, or even chaotic nature of a domestic life. Things get placed in locations that, to the casual observer, make no sense at all.

To the person/people placing those objects, there’s a perfectly good reason for them being where they are (though sometimes something is just put down momentarily and forgotten)… but the effect, to the casual viewer, can be surreal.

Sometimes it’s just about the effect of the light, coming from an unlikely angle, in a mundane setting. Why is there light coming up from inside the bathtub?


So… these images are my fallback position, in case I’m unable to get out at night to take photos of the surrounding area… or if I fail to take any that are interesting or achieve my aims.