Reflection following Exercise 4.3

Compared with Exercise 4.2, I found working with artificial light more predictable and enjoyable. While it can be limiting, in terms of subject matter…. you can’t go and shoot landscapes in artificial light…  I like the predictability (and sometimes, controllability).

While it would have been nice to go out and shoot dramatic atmospheric images like Dan Holdsworth, the necessary atmospheric conditions just weren’t there, so I found myself interested in much smaller details and subjects.

Multiple light sources of different qualities make for very interesting images, though I also found these the hardest to shoot, while for reasons that I don’t understand, highly coloured light causes some software problems.

While the subject matter and general feel of these images is varied, I do find there’s one thing that’s common to all of them. They have a sense of stillness. In some it might be odd, with a certain tension… but all are calm and quiet. I like that a lot.