Exercise 4.2

13/03/2017 07:41


The sun is up, bright and clear, but still low in the sky. It casts long sharp shadows, causing much of this scene to still be in the shade from the garden fence and trees. In a more open setting, this would create some striking images.


13/03.2017 10:06


With the sun higher in the sky, the sharp contrast between light and shade is clear. It’s a very white light, but with the high contrast, it could make complex scenes difficult to pick out. This could be used to advantage if a striking image was wanted.


13/03/2017 11:13


With the sun higher in the sky, and just a little cloud, the light has evened out, making for a much smoother image. This would be a more useful type of light if an objective image was required, where the subject, rather than the mood, was what was important.


13/03/2017 12:10


Even at midday, at this time of year, the sun never gets completely overhead. There is some warmth to the quality of the light, and shadows are still cast.


13/03/2017 15:15


The shadows are getting longer again, and there is a warm golden quality to the light, made all the more striking by the dark clouds in the background.  (This was actually a fleeting moment. My neighbours probably thought I was mad as I rushed out with my camera every time there was a flicker of sunshine)


13/03/2017 15:58


The warmth and atmosphere of this golden light is so thick you could scoop it up with a spoon and pour it onto ice cream. Great for mood, not so good for objectivity.


13/03/2017 16:59


And that’s it. We’ve lost the direct sunlight, and while we still have daylight, everything is flat and dull.


13/03/2017 17:56


Even flatter. Probably usable for surreal images, but not much scope for any other form of creativity.