Exercise 4.3 – The Beauty of Artificial Light

Sometimes I find myself stumped as to what to take photos of, when it comes to exercises and assignments. For this one, I found myself spoilt for choice… and I didn’t have to travel far.

Image 1


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Fake sunflowers and a clutter of personal hygiene and health products.

The window in the en suite. The only available light is from the street light outside, filtered through patterned glass.


Image 2


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Fence, bushes, abandoned chairs, and an LED lamp that’s imitating a candle.

There are multiple light sources here, from a neighbour’s garden light, the light in my kitchen, and dimmest of all, though the only one seen directly, the LED lamp.

I took a similar shot of this scene, with the lamp in focus, but I find this one, when viewed as a larger image, has more points of interest, in the fence and details on the abandoned chairs.


Image 3


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Phone, router and plugs, in a cubby in the kitchen.

The LEDs are not especially bright, but in a confined space and with a long exposure, they create an interesting atmosphere. If it were red, I’d call it a warm glow, but in green, it’s kind of alien.


Image 4


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Fairylights in the kitchen.

This was a difficult image to render. For some reason, loading the RAW image into Photoshop’s ‘Camera Raw’ feature produced an oversaturated mass of blue, with a huge loss of detail, that looked nothing like the camera had shown in it’s display. I had to use Canon’s Digital Photo Professional to render the image.


Image 5


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An untidy garage at night.

There are multiple light sources here. A battery powered bulb in the garage, street lights out of shot, and a garden light illuminating the garage door in the other side of the street. These multiple sources make an interesting and varied image.

This was the only image that required multiple shots, with various apertures and exposures, before I could get things looking the way I wanted.


Image 6


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In the fridge.

A single, dim light source with a grille across it, in a confined space, with beads of water and white surroundings. What’s not to like?