Assignment 4 – Slow progress.

Illness has been a factor in the way this assignment is developing. Several weeks(!) with the flu (or some similar virus that fairly knocked me for 6) limited my ability to get out at night and take shots around town.

When I finally did get out, I found myself rushing, due to domestic circumstances that I won’t bother to detail, and a general unease at being out in the early hours on the weekend, when there was a significant presence of … lets call them ‘revellers’.

The results… nothing I’m remotely impressed by.

Image #1


I actually like this one. It was a handheld shot, taken in ‘the blue hour’. The contrast between the gold (yellow) street light being reflected by the tree, with the deep blue/purple of the sky, and the chaotic feel created by the motion blur… it has a certain energy.


Image #2


This looked better ‘in person’.


Image #3


Another one where you had to be there. Almost certainly a lack of skill on my part, that I couldn’t capture what it was that made this a fascinating scene.


Image #4


I like how the tree looks, but the overall composition is ‘meh’.


Image #5


This one has something about it. Again, it’s one where a lack of skill on my part meant I couldn’t quite capture the atmosphere. Something about the contrasting qualities of light. Definitely needed a tighter aperture too. I thought a blurred out foreground would be a positive… but it isn’t.


Image #6


Just ‘meh’.


My lack of inspiration, and general discomfort led me to try more shots at home, where I could control the light. More of that in my next post.