End of blog

Work on this module is finished and the results are in (I passed), thus, this blog is complete and no new material will be posted here.

I am working on two new modules, each with their own blogs, links to which are…

Steve’s Moving Images  (Moving Images: Setting The Scene)


Who? Why? Where? What? (Context & Narrative)



While walking around Sheffield City Centre, taking shots for Exercise 1.3, I happened upon a couple of scenes that, while they didn’t fit the criteria of the exercise, were too good to ignore. I figured I’d share them with you here.


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Apart from minor tweaks to levels of the RAW file in Digital Photo Professional, and resizing in Photoshop,  this is pretty much how it came out of the camera.




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This takes opportunism (and luck) to a whole other level.

I just happened to be walking past this scene, and was struck by the light and mood. I wanted to take a photo, but thought standing there aiming a camera at the people would be inappropriate. What I did was continue walking, and while holding my camera at waist height, I pointed it in their general direction. Then, with no idea what was actually in the frame, I pressed the shutter release and hoped for the best.

A case of the photo taking itself? I’d say about 90% so. I recognised the appeal of the scene, and decided upon the moment to press the shutter release. Everything else… blind luck.

I’m only just encountering the ‘discovery vs construction’ argument, but if I understand correctly, while the top image could be put into the ‘construction’ category, along with most of the photos I have taken recently, the above image would seem to me to fall very much into the ‘discovery’ camp.

I like it.

The picture suggests many things, none of which we can actually know, but can perhaps guess at.

Obviously there has been a wedding, and this particular group are leaving the party (early?).

Is this the bride and groom, with kids from previous marriages? Or maybe the best man and maid of honour plus bridesmaids etc?

What is the man telling the boy? I suspect he’s pointing to the clocktower on the nearby town hall. Some piece of history, or architectural detail?

Is this part of a larger group, all leaving at the same time? The car behind is pulling out. Are they going to the same place?

So many questions. Make up your own story.

Starting out…

Where are we now?

I’ve had the initial conversation with my tutor and hopefully have a grip on how things work. I’m now working up to going out for my first ‘shoot’. This will probably take several trips, at different times of day.

Early mornings? Yay :/

Note to self: Doing the research before going out and taking photos is a very good thing to do.

Feeling inspired.


First blog post

So this is me… My name is Steve, I’m 48 years old, a lifelong underachiever, and hoping to achieve something which will enable me to to begin a new career in a creative field.

Photography has been an interest/hobby since I was in primary school, and digital photography is something I’ve enjoyed as a hobby since digital cameras became ‘affordable’. Having said that, the equipment I’ve been able to afford has always been more limited than that which I’d actually like to be using.

My current camera is a Panasonic DMC FZ50 ‘bridge’ camera, though I’m hoping to have something a bit more versatile come December.

You can see some examples of the kind of photos I’ve taken as a hobby on my Flickr page.