Stepping out of my comfort zone

While out shooting for ‘Square Mile’ I’ve become aware of my tendency to stick to what is my favoured style of image. Architecture, with a fairly obvious perspective, vanishing points, etc. I tend to use the same angles, trying to fit everything in, to make a ‘nice picture’… a picture postcard type image, I suppose.

I’ve been trying to break away from this, by using more unusual angles, excluding any kind of vanishing point, and trying to achieve a more random ‘by chance’ kind of image.

This has produced several very interesting shots that I wouldn’t normally have taken, but I do have this nagging feeling that a viewer might look at them and assume that I’d dropped the camera, or pressed the shutter by mistake.

Batteries, bad. Walking, good.

Note to self: Shooting in RAW format kills old batteries, fast.

First shoot was cut short due to depleted batteries. Pity. (I’ve ordered two new ones.)

Having said that, I did manage to take a series of shots of a view I hadn’t previously considered shooting. I just happened to be walking past, on my way to the place I’d been intending to shoot, and thought “that’s a really good view.”

The moral of this story (if there is one) – Walking to locations offers opportunities. Look around as you walk, and be prepared to stop and take pictures, regardless of your original plans.

Starting out…

Where are we now?

I’ve had the initial conversation with my tutor and hopefully have a grip on how things work. I’m now working up to going out for my first ‘shoot’. This will probably take several trips, at different times of day.

Early mornings? Yay :/

Note to self: Doing the research before going out and taking photos is a very good thing to do.

Feeling inspired.


First blog post

So this is me… My name is Steve, I’m 48 years old, a lifelong underachiever, and hoping to achieve something which will enable me to to begin a new career in a creative field.

Photography has been an interest/hobby since I was in primary school, and digital photography is something I’ve enjoyed as a hobby since digital cameras became ‘affordable’. Having said that, the equipment I’ve been able to afford has always been more limited than that which I’d actually like to be using.

My current camera is a Panasonic DMC FZ50 ‘bridge’ camera, though I’m hoping to have something a bit more versatile come December.

You can see some examples of the kind of photos I’ve taken as a hobby on my Flickr page.