Exercise 4.5 – Chairs

A quick google search of ‘chairs’ produced mostly sales photos with plain backgrounds. This one was at least pleasing to look at.


Figure 1. Cotswold Country Interiors (2017)

My own images are somewhat different, and contrary to what the coursework asks for, I can’t narrow my selection down to one image.

Rather than be influenced by the works and styles of other photographers, given that this exercise is intended to demonstrate creativity, I’ve chosen to demonstrate my creativity.

These images represent the world I live in (literally), and the way I see it. They aren’t staged. What I’ve not done is try to make things look pretty. There is chaos, and abandonment and decay. I love these things, and see beauty  in them.


View 1000 x 1500




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… stepping away from that particular reality



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Lets move indoors…



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Figure 1. Cotswold Country Interiors. (2017) Chairs [Advertisement] AT http://www.cotswoldco.com/dining-room-furniture/dining-chairs/light-oak-grey-linen-dining-chair/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw5YfHBRDzjNnioYq3_swBEiQArj4pdGsLBmcRKMJLcwbV_uuSxEd1p3IRa4u9zo0NI3hXdm8aAsgz8P8HAQ (Accessed 03/04/2017)



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Study Log for Expressing Your Vision module, for BA (Hons) Photography Degree with OCA

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