Dan Holdsworth

I’m looking at the work of Dan Holdsworth, in relation to both night photography, and more importantly at this point in the module, how he works with artificial light.

His two images making the set ‘Megalith’ http://www.danholdsworth.com/works/megalith/1/  and  http://www.danholdsworth.com/works/megalith/2/  are very striking.

While one is taken at night, and the other in daylight, both utilise the quality of powerfully cast directional light through humid air.

The main object within the images would appear to be a landing light at an airport, the purpose of which is to be seen by pilots from a great distance. It’s not there to cast light on any surface, but to be seen, itself.

In these photographs, we don’t see the light directly, but its interaction with water molecules in the air, creating visible beams of light, and casting shadows where those beams are obscured.

This is dramatic, to say the least, and reminds me of an image I took while shooting for Assignment 2.


Should I opt for artificial light as the subject for Assignment 4, I may revisit this location.


Holdsworth’s images in his Autopia series are different.


Here, it is the pools of light, picking out islands of surreal calm from an ocean of blackness that create such stunning images. Mundane scenes of everyday tedium become beautiful dreamscapes, when the light is right.



Holdsworth, D (1996 – 2002) Works [Photographs] At: http://www.danholdsworth.com/works/ (Accessed on 23/03/2017)


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Study Log for Expressing Your Vision module, for BA (Hons) Photography Degree with OCA

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